Dr. Smith and her graduate students and postdoctoral researchers attend
numerous conferences here in the U.S. and abroad. These conferences
provide opportunites for presenting data, broadening our understanding
of research areas, and connecting with former students and collaborators.

CogSci 2023

Hadar Karmazyn-Raz presented her research and led a hands-on demonstration at a workshop at the 2023 Cognitive Science Society's annual conference (CogSci): "Putting Interaction Center-Stage for the Study of Knowledge Structures and Processes."

In her demonstration, she used the element of sand to represent the dynamic structure and temporal nature of behavior, while showing how networks can be generated based on the sequences of layers of sand. She illustrated how there are general properties of behavior in time, whether they are layers of sand or the toys a child plays with! 

Vision Sciences Society 2023

Evelina Dineva and Erin Anderson presented their work on the statistics of the infant visual environment at the VSS 2023 meeting.

Find their posters here and here!


SRCD 2023

At SRCD 2023, Erin Anderson presented her work on the developing visual system and its relationship to the statistics of the infant visual environment at the symposium "How do the statistics of the environment shape the infant mind across domains?"



ICIS 2022, Developmental Cascades

This year the lab travelled to Ottawa to present at the International Congress of Infant Studies! Linda Smith presented at the Presidential Symposium, and several lab members presented talks and posters on their research findings. 

ICIS 2018, Building Bridges

International Congress of Infant Studies, Philadelphia

2015, Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Learning

Interdisciplinary Advances in Statistical Learning, San Sebastian, Spain.