Poster Presentations

Each semester, our undergraduate research assistants make a poster for their final project. The poster represents the research they worked on during the semester. During an informal presentation session, they must explain the data and their results to Dr. Smith and other participants who view their poster.

Spring Semester 2022
Cognitive Development Lab research assistants and mentors: Spring 2022
Poster session: Spring 2022
Poster session: Spring 2022
Poster session: Spring 2022

Spring Semester 2020

Poster presentations were done a bit differently this semester due to the Covid-19 pandemic! Powerpoints were displayed on screen while the lab listened and asked questions of the presenters from the comfort of their own homes. Presenters and viewers were as close to IU as Bloomington and as far away as South Korea!

Students presenting in the afternoon were Kal Sahoo, Olivia Nystrom, Danielle Maulucci and Abir Ouzzine.

Students presenting in the evening were Gabriela Bevacqua-Collins, Yong-Ha Park, Brittany Alberts and Tasfia Chowdhury.