Shape Bias Test Sets

This page contains the shape bias stimuli sets used in a study accepted at the International Conference on Machine Learning. Here is the citation for the paper:

Ritter, S*., Barrett, D. G*., Santoro, A., & Botvinick, M. M. (2017). Cognitive psychology for deep neural networks: A shape bias case study. In International conference on machine learning (pp. 2940-2949). PMLR. (*equal contribution)

In this study, there are 10 exemplar sets. Each set contains a target object, a shape match and a color match. These are shown in folder called 10 SETS. THESE ARE NOT THE IMAGES USED BY RITTER, BARRETT, ET AL, but merely show the 3 objects in each set. The images, each containing 1 object, are in the folders labelled by background context.