Weekly Events

Tea Time

Purpose: This is an exceptional opportunity for all Smith lab members to gather informally in the lab, along with Dr. Smith, and to mingle with one another socially and intellectually. Each tea time will focus on a general topic. This is a time to hear what other researchers are doing and to bring forth one's own research for problem solving or simply sharing. And of course, what is tea time without the tea (or coffee) and refreshments!? All are welcome!

Developmental Seminar

When: Every Friday at 2:30, Fall and Spring semesters
Where: Psych conference room 128

Purpose: Developmental Seminar is an opportunity for students, post-docs, and faculty to become familiar with one another's research, both past and ongoing. Sometimes people also want to use the group as a sounding board for a new talk to be delivered elsewhere. Ideally, everyone will give a brief initial presentation of their research -- 1/4, 1/2, or 1 hour, depending on the speaker's needs -- and thus allowing everyone to keep up with progress in each line of research through "data blitzes" --days on which several people each present one slide of one significant finding or design change or anything else relevant from their research, and explain it to the group in 5-10 minutes. All are welcome!

Smith Lab Meetings

These meetings are not open to the public. They are meant for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows associated with the Smith Lab and those researchers involved in lab projects and collaborations.
Smith Lab Meeting: Thursdays at 1:30. These meetings will be in the lab, and/or on Zoom.